Cost manager in oracle apps r12

Inter-Organization Payable Used by the receiving organization as a clearing account, and represents inter-company payables.
Select oracle an item range option.
Note: For costs that are copied manager across organizations, the based on rollup manager flag for oracle all copied costs is oracle set as User-Defined.
Outside Processing: A general ledger account to oracle accumulate outside processing costs.
Mass Edit Material Overhead Costs: Update material overhead subelements by a fixed amount or a percentage, as appropriate for cost the basis type.Resource : A default general ledger account to accumulate resource costs for this category/subinventory combination.For example, if the activity is allocating purchasing costs, the activity measure might be the number of purchase orders generated during a given period.The material overhead rate for item M1 in the receiving organization, O2, is 3 cost per item.Material Overhead : A default general ledger account to accumulate material overhead or burden costs for this category/subinventory combination.

Indicate whether to edit only items that have a lion Based on Rollup attribute set to Yes, office only those items that have a Based on Rollup set to No, or leave blank to indicate all items.
UserDefined Cost Groups A project must be associated with a project cost group.
Cost Management Security Functions Security function options specify gratis how games Oracle Cost Management controls access to and apps processes data.
For make items, roll up costs.If the Project Cost Collection Enabled parameter in the Organization Parameters window is set, then the cost group specified in the Project Manufacturing parameters window is defaulted but can be overridden.If the Project Cost Collection Enabled parameter is not set, then you cannot select a cost group and the organizations multiplayer default cost group is used.This cost type is seeded and does not have to be defined.If you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me @ Thanks for cost reading).If you select Specific Item, specify the item.Resource value: Charge overhead by multiplying the overhead rate by the resource value earned in the routing operation.Use the Setting Up Oracle Inventory section in the Oracle Inventory Users Guide for help in completing the following setup steps.For example, if you enter 10 for Fixed Rate, the mass edit updates the subelement cost for amount-based subelements to 10 units of your ledger currency.The results for the Remove and Replace All Cost Information option are: A 20, B 10, and item C does not exist.Select a cost type to associate resources to overhead with.