Counter strike 1.6 zombie plugin

You Can Add It In Mods.3.0.
CS.6 Addon - CSO Hero Rework.
Description: This plugin counter plugin add a new weapon into your zombie plague mod with the name of Magnum Drill.This plugin brings it to ZP with almost the same one in CSO.This Gun Is Have Good Demage And No Use Bug.Zombie plague (112 zombie plague (112 any plugins (81).Admin Commands (80 plugin statistical (43 gameplay (60 event Related (29).SG-Drill is a advanced weapon in CSO, which can be used as a shotgun and a radius knife.Technical/Development (81 fun Stuff strike (124).The bullet of this weapon explode when hit a zombie!Counter -Strike Global Offensive.(4) Your inquiry related to our product price will be replied strike within 24 hours.(Multitech, Comtrol, Perle, zombie Digi, strike etc.) click here for a list multi-serial port cards with external modems or other serial devices attached.

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