Create private folder on mac

Every Mac user has his own Home folder.
In the Finder, you folder can quickly navigate to your Home folder using the.
For the folder we create just created, that would create be /Music.
It contains all files that the user has placed on his desktop.
Here is how you make the Library folder visible all of the time: (1) Launch Terminal, which you can find in /Applications/Utilities (2) Enter this command in Terminal: chflags nohidden /Library (3) Click Return.Every new macOS update makes it harder for ordinary users private to manipulate system-critical components.Step 1: Select the folder where your music is stored.Thus, when a user turns the Mac on, he finds his own Home folder and private can access only his own files, unless another user shares a folder with him.Click the, apple icon and select, system Preferences.What it does is builds a visual map of your storage so you can zoom in/out and enter any folder you want.How to Compare Folders on Mac It often happens that Mac users download, create and copy many identical files.MacOS will require your confirmation and password.In the past I have used it to clean my drive and it got rid of a nasty trojan virus in my system folders.So whenever possible, create Apple prefers people to do things the way folder they suggest and there is a suggested Apple way to make the Library visible, albeit temporarily.Once youve got this information, you can safely delete anything you don't need and go to unexplored places on your Mac.

You can use the context menu and select Rename or just press Enter on the required folder.
How to replacement Rename a Folder in Mac private Changing the folders name is create also simple.
As a result, dozens of duplicates may be stored in your private Home folder and take up too much disk space.
It also shows folders you private normally don't have access.
For example: Old version: /Users/alexa, new version: /Users/andrew, make sure you entered the new name correctly, and click the OK button.Actually, Mac OS X was designed to support the ability to share a computer, so that different family members, multiplayer students, or employees can work folder on the same Mac using their personal user accounts.How to rename your Home Folder.Fortunately, you can easily compare folders on Mac to find and remove duplicates in them with a free application Duplicate File Finder.We hope our article helped you to understand a bit more deeply the structure of the Home folder and how to work with subfolders.The Mac Home folder is displayed by the home icon in the Finder.Every Mac has.