Far cry 3 save game for pc

They also would not work at all when installed alone, as only NEW game was available (no continue or load game).
Far Cry 3 Full Savegame Download Download.
I think the main mission saves are save the ones starting with the numbers 1, 2 and 3, corresponding to your first, second and third play through of the game, and the higher number saves are just data related to your current status during game game each mission.Normally, save Far Cry 3 does not allow replaying individual missions once they are completed.A save game save at that point allows one to travel game the whole map without playing missions.Put the 3 files in: C:ProgramDataOrbit46,.So try our Save Game free examples and give this extra boost your game.The game saves remember game the money saved, all the weapons owned, weapon addons paid for, crafting done already (rucksacks, ammo pouches, etc.Can it be better?Adding back in my two mission save files beginning save with number 1 gave me back those load options, but picking either just brought me to a spot on the map near one of the radio towers and with no game mission present.You have to start from the beginning to get back to a mission.

Xml project in C:UsersusernameDocumentsMy GamesFar Cry.
All progress in the handbook is remembered: weapons acquired, skills acquired, relics, memory cards, letters, recipes, "path of the hunter" missions completed, etc.
Archiving is a way to get swis around this.
The savegames folder is not a hidden portable folder.Because you can always use the game save to start over with fresh bases, money, ultimate and healing plants.Far Cry 3 100 Full Completed Savegame Download.It is especially useful once you have captured all the bases, bought all the weapons and customizations, maxed out your money, filled most of your bag with medical plants, and reset the outposts.If you have installed Far Cry 3 on several PCs in your house via Steam trial using the same login, the game saves game ultimate in the above 46 folder are transferable between your house PCs.Money stashes not hidden in boxes are renewed same as in regular game play when going away and coming back to the same spot.Some save people prefer to turn off Steam cloud synchronization in settings.Fast traveling.bases captured or uncaptured, etc.You can also save the intermediate game saves too if you want to be able to replay missions.Archiving is also a good precaution in the event the game crashes and loses game saves.Save Game 8 Jan, 2018 09:00, status, passed only training, open towers, outposts untouched, A LOT OF money.

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far cry 3 save game for pc