Garmin city navigator europe nt 2014.10 mapsource (odblokowana)

Fixed issue mapsource navigator where map transfers to the iQue 3600 actually required twice the size of the map data being transferred in free disk space for a successful transfer.
Fixed an issue with redrawing the map after a detail level change.
Modified the Select Waypoints mapsource dialog so that when a user types a letter, it mapsource selects the next waypoint in the list whose name starts with that letter.
garmin Changes made from version. Fixed an issue where blank map tiles are garmin left on the screen.Change so that GPX route import doesnt always autoname the route.Added support for the high speed Garmin USB data card programmer.Modified MapSource to detect fully locked map products at start-up and notify the user of available city unlocking options.Allowed user specified colors for routes.Added dialog to display progress and allow canceling during auto route calculation.Added the RT 90 grid.

Fixed an issue with saving files to offline network drives.
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Fixed issue performing Select maps around feature when in the No Map product.
Fixed a Polish localization navigator issue.Added display of time remaining when saving to or opening from a device.Added additional postal code filtering to the finder logic to help speed up searches being done when a postal code is provided.Garmin has determined that certain roadway segments within the Netherlands have incorrect one way assignments, resulting in travel guidance against the flow of traffic for short portions of certain calculated routes.Redesigned the track properties dialog's stats display to be a table for easier reading.Correct localization issues for some languages.Fixed issue where the seabed nature text was not being correctly centered in BlueChart products.

The previous version always displayed these in English regardless of what language MapSource was using.
Fixed issue where, if a route had non-consecutive duplicate via points and the user tried to delete any one garmin city navigator europe nt 2014.10 mapsource (odblokowana) of these duplicates, MapSource would always delete the first one, even if the first waypoint was not the one selected.