Solaris 10 live cd

Skipped Applying (303 of solaris 308).
Caution: Interrupting this process may leave the live boot solaris environment unstable or unbootable.
You can run the command without option solaris noconsole and nodisplay if you want to solaris display the GUI.
Installations can be customized live after the initial install process.Success Applying (304 of 308).Updating all live boot environment configuration databases.The media contains Solaris version.

# global:installed control bash Global cd autopatcher Un-mounting the Alternate boot area environment: bash Global luumount SOL_2012Q1 Just navigating to the patch cluster directory.
Updating boot environment configuration handbook database.
#luactivate s10x_u8wos_08a # init 6 You can keep old boot environment for one or two weeks.If there is handbook no issue after OS handbook patching you can remove the boot environment using ludelete command.Population of boot environment successful.Grub update was successfull.Solaris Live Upgrade has many capabilities but for a simple situation like upgrading a system to a new Solaris release, there are three commands: lucreate to create the copy luupgrade windows to upgrade the OS on the copy luactivate to choose the environment to boot.Install log files written : After reading the logs, I found group called other is missing on one of the local zones.The media is a standard Solaris media.This script may then be rerun to continue installation of the patch set.Skipped Applying ( 2 of 11).Error: -More-(87) pkgadd: error: unable to create package object -More-(89) group name not found in group table(s) -More-(90) pkgadd: error: unable to create package object -More-(92) group name not found in group table(s) -More-(93) error: attribute verification of failed -More-(95) group name not found.Setting canmountnoauto for / in zone global on rpool/root/s10x_u9.Run the lucreate command to create a copy of the active boot environment.The Solaris upgrade of the boot environment s10x_u9 is complete.Run luactivate utility with out any arguments from the Parent boot environment root slice, as shown below:.Please remember to activate boot environment SOL_2012Q1 with luactivate(1M) before rebooting.