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Wizards xiaolin of the Coast.
11 Raimundo Pedrosa ( Tom Kenny ) The Xiaolin Dragon of Wind, Raimundo may xiaolin be stubborn and self-centered, but he showdown will do anything to protect his friends.
Notifications on this device is turn off episodes for Gomovies!There are two occasions during which astronomical events affect the Shen Gong.He has joined the Heylin side twice (once out of envy of the success of his friends, xiaolin and a episodes second time as a ploy to take Shen Gong Wu and the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman from Hannibal Roy Bean).Shen Gong Wu, magical objects with mystical powers, that were placed around xiaolin the world by the legendary.Jack Spicer xiaolin has shown to be a big fan of Chase Young.

Madellaine Paxson (writer) Steven Lyons (director).
At the trackmania end of the game series, Raimundo, who willingly attempted to turn evil for his comrades as real well as game succeeding forever the final Xiaolin Showdown, is revealed as the team leader, also known as Shoku Warrior.
He succeeds but releases Omi as a matter of honor.
Chase takes an interest in Omi and becomes determined to manipulate the young monk's mind into joining the Heylin side.Jack Spicer is notable for his robotic engineering, long rants, overuse of the word "evil" and his repetitive self-proclamation of "evil boy genius".Grand Master Dashi, and bring them to safety before football the Heylin side get game them and use them for evil.2, contents show, plot, the show tells about four teenagers (approximatley 15 years of age) from different parts real of the world, who are chosen to be the next generation of Xiaolin Dragons.Chase Young ( Jason Marsden ) Introduced in the second season as an even bigger evil threat than Jack."Xiaolin Showdown Gives Kids WB Ratings Kick".

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles".
Clay Bailey xiaolin showdown all episodes ( Jeff Bennett ) The Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, Clay Bailey is the team muscle and a homegrown Texas cowboy.
He appeared along Dojo when Omi traveled to the past, seeking a second puzzle box.